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Quakers Hill Kindergarten & Childcare provides seperated, dynamic classes for children to maxmise their growth and learning with the appropriate age groups. The Toddler consists of a classroom of children aged 2-3 years old, where educators provide the correct training towards preparing your child into the Preschool classroom. At such a young age, our main goal is to help your child develop and require all the necessary skills, ranging from social and behavioural attributes, in order to maintain a smooth transition into older age brackets. This will include toilet training, communication skills and much more!

Here in the classroom, educators teach and guide the children into preparing for Big School. Big School is a terminology we use to symbolise Kindergarten, and further levels of education within primary levels of teaching. Educators encourage the use of homework and schoolwork to help educate the children, and develop their numeracy and literacy skills. These teachings are demonstrated from the beginning of their enrollment and are seen until their graduation at the centre. We believe that education is a key aspect within the development of early childhood infants, and we pride ourselves into making every day count!

Although our programs consist of two seperate classes that focus on the appropriate teaching of each individual, both classes are however treated as one community within our centre. Children from each class will get the chance to socialise and create relationships with everyone including the educators throughout the day through our daily group programs. Both classes are encouraged to show support, respect, and friendliness to one another and explore the limitless boundaries between their peers. This also helps the transitional process of each class to run much more smoother as the children are more comfortable with each different enviroment.